Perhaps if we had to define the feeling of ‘living your best life’ in a single word, we would conclude it with a famous, highly emphasized, “Allhumdolilllahh” in Irfan Junejo’s style.

Residing in Karachi and influencing youth around the globe- Irfan Junejo has been in a well deserved limelight for quite a while now.

Storyteller, influencer, travel vlogger; you name it and Junejo does it.

From the football fields of Karachi to cinematic drone shots of North. Growing up in the streets of Malir Cantt to skating around the roads of Istanbul- Ladies and gentleman, Scnz kuch aise hain.


Lets recall your bachpan ke din and early education?

The malir boy marking his educational journey from PAF inter college took some rebellious steps in his perhai (no spoiler yet.We’ll leave that part for the right time). When asked about his siblings, he told us that just like our usual desi khandanzz, he too had occasional jhagray but “koi ghambir samasya nahi thi”. Knowing the wit and chulbulahat Junejo is known for, this is not something we are coming to terms with any time soon.

Belonging from a background that had never been prior linked to media and film making, Irfan marked himself as the official rebel and chain breaker of a brown desi family.  The keera for the camera infected the 13 year old Irfan when he encountered the amusing football and camera fusion in aesthetically pleasing commercials.

(Funfact: Ironic how later in his life, he ended up creating an even gorgeous commercial for Honor X. Now that is what we call dreams coming to reality)


“I don’t know if I should call it a personal struggle.. but..”

“ I was doing MBA back in 2013 when I dropped out because i didn’t see any point in it.”

As unconventional as his decision sounds, one cannot help but marvel upon the life altering road he took. When asked why he decided to take this dabang step, his bold and much confident answer validated it all, “I wanted to do something for myself rather than just doing what everyone else expected of me”.

Ofcourse this step was followed by a series of  criticism and desi aunties haw haye-ing the young drop out. “Tumhare dost MNCs mai kama rahe hain, tum konse teer maar rahe ho?”

However, when the rest of the world was busy entering a sea of doctors and engineers, Irfan was reaching for his passion and started his own football academy. “I was really happy with what I was doing”, he claims. “I had a football academy, I was taking pictures, living my best life.”


Junejo formula: Football equals motivation

“Ammar bhai, the captain of my football club”, Irfan uttered without proposing any second thoughts when asked about his source of motivation. (Kuddos to Ammar bhai. If you are reading this sir!)

From playing football with kids in Liyari streets to decluttering his thoughts by kicking some penalties, “Football” has been a word this interview was saturated with. Perhaps it is safe to say that this guy lives for his football passion.


The totka to get rid of all negativity

When you step into the social media spotlight, it is almost inevitable to filter out negativity. You would encounter narcissists ready to pull you down but it seems like Irfan has always had his antidote for such pessimism. “ Cut off all contacts with such people. Negativity se ap dur ho jain, tou apko lage ga k damnnn! I can do anything!”- “Bus yeh aik tareeqa hai”.

Well, guess what? We couldn’t agree any less.

Throughout the period of interviewing Irfan, it was amusing to witness how the sarcastic youtube star had an aflatoon  side to him. As we dug deep into his daily dimaghi khichri and failure aftermaths, Irfan had one response but definitely a very karakay darr one.

“Sahi hai, jo hona tha ho gya, thora afsoos bhi ker leeya, abh aagay berhnay ka time hai”. Junejo elaborated on this by tinting the statement with his own personal experience; “it was hard to make myself understand that negative thoughts will ultimately affect my own life, and i did not want that”.


“Encounter with fans is always a special experience”

“I was in Sharjah Dubai and a kid started crying motay motay khushi k ansoo seeing me. It was just so humbling”, says Irfan when asked about his most memorable fan moment. Practically speaking, we would not blame the kid here. Its Irfan Junejo guys, not coming slow!.


Darr ke aagay jeet hai!

When we inquired about the biggest fear, we were presented with a surprisingly dynamic response. “I don’t want to ever stop growing as human and a content creator. I fear becoming complacent in my comfort zone”. When it came to regrets he had in life, the chill scnz Irfan resurfaced and said “I don’t believe in do-overs and regrets. Jo log relentless ho jate hain, un ko koi paker nahi sakta”. Yep, mindful and philosophical shade to  Junejo everyone.


Your own success ka falsafa?


Irfan continued “None of these!”. PHEW!. “It’s the ability to live your life the way you want to and making your passion your profession. Paisa bonus point hai”.

Hearing this, we could only reminisce upon something Ranchordas Chancher in 3 idiots spoke

“Beta kabil bano, kabil. Kamiyabi jhak marke peeche bhage gi”. Irfan has definitely personified the statement.

Considering the extent of impact Irfan has over our generation, we asked about what he expects of this new found fame. “Bus log ache alfaaz mai yaad rakhain. Zyada teer nahi marne ka plan mera”. He laughed, and so did we.


Where do you find solace and what are your usual long drive khayalat? -“Weight lose kese kerun?”

No wonder, junejo seeks solace in his favorite sport and reading comments with over flooding love in them. The khayalat during the drive however came down to the usual thoughts you would expect from a guy his age “ mai mota tou nahi ho raha?”


Junejo’s guide for future plans

Hold and behold girls, it is not shaadi. Not any time soon though. The passionate guy funelled his plans down to being better and better at his work. Apart from acting, ( where he claims he can’t act, duhhhhh), an opportunity to create a film is much welcomed by him. (Where you at directors?)


Lastly, any message for the people who want to pursue filmmaking?

“Aaj k zamane me sare gate keepers ko dafa ker deeya hai internet nai. Das saal pehle you needed a lot of expensive material, but now, you need a computer, a phone and a youtube channel. Passion ho tou nothing can stop you”.

In a world full of people trying to settle for a life they never wanted, its time we start being an Irfan Junejo of our own kind.

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