If luck had a face and talent had a set of eyes, Tony Ann would be a face flashing at the back of our heads. From putting up music covers for his youtube audience of 8k, to coming live at stage on ‘The Chainsmokers tour’, and be a part of the Chainsmokers family this sensation has manifested his hard work into triumph.


“It wasn’t until grade 6 that I started taking music seriously..”

Reeling back to his carefree days at school, Tony recalls being avid about music as early as in 6th grade. He sharesIt wasn’t until grade 6 that I started taking music seriously, and that’s when I started taking lessons.”

This fondness of his is credited to the classical music called “beethoven lives upstairs” which ignited the passion in his fingers to glide smoothly across the monochrome keys of his piano and set up the genres he was to follow in his later days “my first spark for music was definitely the classical genre.”


Muting the voices of self doubts 

There’s always the question of comparing oneself to another”.

When asked about struggles, he got candid regarding the obstacles faced in this fast paced world. In a time where somewhere under a rock another Beethoven was to emerge, self-doubt to him was inevitable.Hope however, is a wonderful door always open at times of despair, and it was then that it came through to him, and he shared , “for sure by my parents, and also all the artists and musicians that inspire me like Freddie mercury, Michael jackson, all the classical composers.”



Negativity though, exists in all shape and matter. It’s hard to rule out any aspects of negativity as somewhere along the road, we all are bound to be detested by two timers. Tony’s remedy to ward off this pessimism is to:

“Just try to avoid the fake people, obviously my rule is to never create enemies so don’t act negative around the people you don’t like. Try to get along with everyone but for sure if you point out someone who you should avoid, definitely try and stay away because the industry is all about who you’re around and trust me, you don’t want to get sucked up in the wrong crowd.”


Music and motivation

“Just look at life in the big picture, when you’re 30 where do you want to be in life?”

His dedication and perseverance is what brought him to the limelight. The passion and desire to excel in music is tethered by seeking inspiration from people around him . Tony advised, “if you lack motivation or inspiration, what helps me is watching other people practice and seeing how hard they work, and usually that will fuel me up to work harder, so I can be better and stronger.”

“If all goes to plan, all the things you mentioned will come to fruition.”

Passion  is another driving force of his motivation “I’m not in it for the money because passion should always be the main driver and not that artificial stuff”, he said when asked if money was something he worked for.

Fate works in a twisted manner, sometimes in a good kind of way, Tony reminisced the turning point of his life as a “miracle” and that he was “totally caught off guard, wasn’t expecting it.”

Becoming the centre of attention through his miraculous work over the piano for Chainsmokers’ “Roses”, and being brought on stage for a tour, Tony began writing songs with the famous duo. It is safe to say that his upcoming songs would certainly remind us of classics, as Tony takes his artistry from  Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury”.

Upon being asked of his favourite collaboration, he was quick to state, “definitely with the Chainsmokers”.

He then dwelled upon his favorite moments after coming to the limelight; sharing his emotions about his recent works, “Sickboy is my favourite song written outside The Swoons, but personally my favourite is probably saber because it’s a special song since it’s one of our first releases.” He has focused on harmonies, relatable lyrics, having an organic and raw sound but also instilling some electronic elements in his brand new tunes and surely we are expected to hear more masterpieces from The Swoons. Tony comments “because I love writing pop music, Matt and I would surely, be producing more of it.”


Personal Life

Apart from his musical hobbies, Tony is a frequent hiker and says that he “finds solace being in nature while he reflects on life”.  



Any thing new expected for the fans?

When asked if we were expected to hear from him about new collaborations ,new voices and talents he laughed off to maintain suspense and humorously replied “I think that’s a goal for everyone in the industry, so yes!”

In his epilogue, he shared his experience, moulding it in an advice ”just simply make sure you’re doing it for the passion, love what you do, and make sure you stand out from the rest.”

He concluded with the message:

“Just look at life in the big picture, when you’re 30 where do you want to be in life? If
you want to do something great, that requires hard work and dedication. If you lack
motivation or inspiring what helps me is watching other people practice and seeing
how hard they work, and usually that will fuel me up and motivate me to work
harder so i can be better and stronger.”


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