Shuttering down the shops, closing the offices early, turning on the television for updates and calling each member of the family in one room. This situation is not of a war but of a cricket  match between India and Pakistan, the arch rivals in the game of cricket.

Pakistan and India are set to meet again today i.e 19/9/18 in an Asia Cup cricket match.  For some, it will be normal match,  but  if you have little bit of enthusiasm for cricket left then I am sure it will not be an ordinary match for you. As far as i remember the only time I cried while watching a cricket match was back in 2011 during the WorldCup semifinal  between India and Pakistan. So you know the impact now.

The formation of this steam rivalry dates back to the partition of Sub-Continent, when both the countries went through extensive communal violence. And later on the Kashmir Issue acted as an ethanol to the already burning fire. That anger, and the anticipation to avenge all that has happened over time is shown in the cricket stadiums. Yes, you can say, politics has been ruining the feel of this beautiful game ever since.

India and Pakistan have played 59 Test, 129 ODIs and 8 T20 cricket matches in total. Considering the test matches first, it can be clearly seen that Pakistan is on the stronger side with 12 wins and India with only 9, the rest 38 matches ended as a tie.
Whereas, out of 129 ODIs Pakistan was able to win 73 Matches and leaving India onto just 52 matches. 4 matches ended as a tie.
However, in the T20s the picture is entirely different as out of 8 matches played, Pakistan only won 1 match while India was victorious in 6.  1 match ended as a draw.

If we are to consider the ICC tournament matches then the situation is very much one sided. As India won all 6 WorldCup matches. In WorldT20 India bagged 4 matches out of 5 and one match was declared a draw. Hence, leaving Pakistan with nothing but disappointment. But, ICC Champions Trophy helped Pakistan to get out of the clouds of disappointment as Pakistan took away 3 matches out of 5. One of which is the final of Champions Trophy. Woah! “Kya feel thi is match ki”

The rivalry extends to the titles also. Indian side has won the World cup twice, while Pakistanis were only able to bag the trophy once which was in 1992 under the command of Imran Khan. For Champions trophy, its 2 for India and 1 for Pakistan.

Now coming to the Asia Cup. In the Asia cup ODI, India has 5 wins to its name and Pakistan only 2. Let us see wether the number goes to 5-3 or 6-2 today. Both the teams look well formed and well balanced. Although, the Indian side looked a bit weak in front  of Honkong in the Asia Cup match yesterday, but we are  pretty sure they will try to put a competition  because “Pakistan aa raha hai.”

Keeping it short and factual, it can be clearly deduced that both the sides were able to show great games of cricket. And taking it to the stage where it is now. It cricket which has always tried to bridge the gap between the two war torn nations.

From the appearance of the then Pakistani Prime Minister, Yousaf Raza Gillani, in the WorldCup semifinal to Virat Kohli gifting his bat to Mohammad Amir upon his return into the great game after completing his sentence in spot fixing case is one of those many friendly gestures which were able to dissipate the hate.

Today, we hope  to see a great game between Pakistan and India again as all of the people will be glued to their T.V screens reacting on facebook posts and retweeting the savage tweets, from both sides.

In the end, it does not matter who wins the game (sometimes do matter in Pakistan v India) but the thing which matters the most is that the differences must be kept aside, and all the issues and conflicts brewing between the two countries since the partition must not be allowed the ruin this game which is played  gentlemen. The game which provides a source of entertainment to a lot of people in this melancholic society, to many people living below the poverty line.
Best of Luck!

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