Somethings are too inexplicable to be labelled as mere coincidences. It seems as if for certain stories, the universe itself conspired for chapters to turn, for some people to meet. One such case happens to be the musical wonder- Bayaan.

Reeling all the way back to the jamming sessions at Nescafe Basement or celebrating the recent victory at Pepsi Battle Of The Bands; Asfar, Haider, Mansoor, Shahrukh and Muqeet stand today not only as a musical sensation, but also an embodiment of dosti.


Bayaan’s story chapter 1?

“We discovered ke hum sare aik jese hi hain”.

Reminiscing the early days of Bayaan, the boys went on about how fate had planned a unique blend of Lahore and Chitral in their lives. Asfar, all the way from Chitral met the rest of the boys in the jam rooms of Nescafe basement.


What pulled you in for music?

“Music ka subko bachpan se hi bohot shauk tha”.
When passion charges through your veins, the sky in the limit. While Asfar was a music major from NCA, the rest had an ceaseless love for the art. Somehow raastay milte gayeand basement emerged  as the chapter where Bayaan marked its beginning.

Something fascinating about the group is perhaps the diverse music taste that runs through the band. From progressive music like Dream Theaters to Iron Maiden or the Classic compositions of Mehdi Hassan, the boys have interesting stuff to bring to the table. “Har banda apni inspirations le ker atta hai for the production process aur aik mazay daar collaboration hoti hai”. After songs like Farda and Nahi Milta, we couldn’t agree any less!


“Her team mai dynamics hoti hain..”

When inquired about the struggles the unit faces, we received a very rational answer: “Disagreements hoti rehti hain, but since dosti hai, tou ikhtalaf openly express ker lete hain”. No wonder these five boys personify the statement jigri dosti. We dug a  little deep into the fears the band has, and discovered “We’re very motivated at this part in life. Bus yeh der hai k creative block na aajai”. No stopping Bayaan guys, the lot knows what the real deal is.


Antidote for snakes and negativity

When it came down to how the boys deal with snakes and negativity, their chill maholattitude was surely inspiring. “Hame honestly un sai ferq nahi perta. Jo bolta hai, uski baat aik kaan se sun ker doosray se out!”.

While with success and fame comes a lot of unwanted criticism, the boys know “ke yeh sub hassi mazak mai nikal denay wali baatain hoti hain”. No wonder, one success secret of Bayaan boils down to a simple thing- Tension lene ka nahi, denay ka hai boss!


“Every song has a different story and ideology”.

“Our band is ‘Bayaan’. This itself means explanatory”.

Something we as the audience have always questioned is probably the rawness in the band’s music. We tunneled down to their music production process and confronted an even raw resposne “Bus yehi koshish hoti hai k jo feels us time aarahi ho, unk sath music banatay rahain. Basic human thoughts and experiences jinko wese explain kerna mushkil ho jata hai- woh hum apne music kay through express ker dete hain”. We retrospected all the way back to “Farda’s” story and discovered that this flawless production was solely built upon Muqeet strumming over the guitar one day. “Every song has a different story and ideology”, they claimed.We see music gurus in the making people!


Bayaan future road map!

While the band is already attaining heights in their career, they’re definitely not stopping any time soon. The boys also made an announcement on Discover360’s platform that has not yet been released anywhere else. DRUMROLL

Nope, not a new album or a coming show, but a music video for a song “Khail tamasha”. The boys went on about their new project claiming, “It is a great song and a great video. Hum is level ke confident hain ke aisi music video hum nai pichle 15 saal mai tou nahi dekhi”. (Fangirl moment alert!)

The five boys definitely know what they’re doing as they mentioned about the impact a music video is capable of having, “Jitna important aik acha gana hai, utni hi important aik achi video hai because people can connect to it”.Wait, and that too with Bayaan in it? Yep, Impact at its fullest.

After the success of originals like Farda and Din dhallay, the band is working on an amalgamation of artistry and thoughts in their new album. “Lets see where our originality is going to take us now”. Far boys. It is taking you far!

Bayaan’s very first song after Pepsi Battle of The Bands, which goes by the name “Khel Tamasha”  as mentioned  earlier is set to release. And we are glad to be one of the first platform to break  this amazing positive  news  to their viewers! The song has got a really “lit” cover which is able to convey the real aesthetic  feel. “Khel Tamasha”  is going to be really slick! So stay tuned for some real and original content coming your way!


Hello Collaborators. Where you at?

We asked the band if we could expect any collaborations in the future, and much to our surprise, they were super enthused about it. “We’re looking forward to interesting collaborations with new artists as well as our purane dost from basement, established artists and..” and and and.. Xarb is on the list too! So much coming in the Bayaan world guys. Hold tight. We are in for one one hell of a ride!


Saray ganay bache hain hamare. Sub se alag attachement hoti hai”.

We asked the band about their favorite composition so far  which turned out to be “paani aur mitti”. We were fortunate enough to even hear out the story behind this piece, “Insaan jub se dunya mai aya hai, us ki soch aur zindagi negativity ki teraf jaa rahi hai. Paani aur mitti ki yehi kahani hai”. Yaani k music tou tha hi, but these guys know philosophy  too?


Pepsi Battle of the bands ki kahani?

Fate. Fate. Fate. While the band was initially skeptical about contesting for the show, its all destiny how they came out victorious. Oh! and after all the danger zone experiences, this one was a roller-coaster ride. As we recalled their tradition of ending up in the danger zones, the group laughed and commented “We were technically always ready for the danger zones. Her round ke baad we would reanalyze our performance and come back stronger. Danger zone masters thay!”.

If the asal musical junoon had a vibe, it would patently be Bayaan’s performance on episode 6. We asked the boys about their yaadgaar moment  from the show and as expected, it was the ‘Azaadi’ performance. It had to be!

Hum ne bus yeh socha tha k kuch nahi dekhna. Bus apni full potential per perform kerna hai. For the next 4 minutes, no one really knows k hua kia tha”. Well, guess what? That performance radiated fieriness. It was definitely our favorite moment from the show too.


Fan moments?

Over time, the fan base of Bayaan has only increased. Because let’s be fair, who doesn’t appreciate original and raw art?

The boys have been acknowledging their fan base’s exponential rise, “abh log actually hame sunne aate hain. It is very humbling”. At this stage in life, these boys have been inspiring the youth to find their own fervor of passion. They recall, “Jub koi kehta hai k you inspire us to do music, it is a great moment”.


Hum high energy boys hain”

After following Bayaan’s journey in the show, it is no surprise that the danger zone parade has taught them well. We asked the secret to coping up with all the stress and they commented “instinctive reaction hota hai k ap down ho jate ho, but we keep each other motivated”. Bayaan crew believes that during their dark hours in the show, “the pep talks kept us going”. Pep talks are important. Pointers pointers!


Success ki recipe? But only three ingredients.

  1. Originality. ( Of course. It’s Bayaan!)
  2. Hard work
  3. Honesty

Three ingredients- spot on!


A little pep-talk for the fans ?

We asked the boys for some aqal ki baatainfor the fans and were presented with the crux of life in their advice, “Be true to yourself. Do your stuff for the sake of art, not for anything else. As an artist you will be known for what you created”.

Furthering on their zindagi ka fanda, they talked of depression and said “ Art is a great potion. Seek comfort in it. Apko aik outlet mil jati hai to vent out all the negative energy. Is k ilawa, talk out your feelings. It could even be your pet you talk to!”.

Ending the interview with motivation running through our veins, the boys summarized the secret of success, “her insaan k ander kuch kerne ki aag hoti hai. Usko dhoondna hai. That is what keeps life going. Baki cheezain chalti rehti hain”.

Coming all the way from the jam rooms of Nescafe basement to marking an entire journey as a band, yeh 5 larke apne music mai, apni kahani mai aur apni dosti mai, sub such bayaan kerna jante hain. Trust me!

5/5 (1)

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