Another person accused of Sexual Harassment under #MeToo movement. However, the irony to ponder upon this time is the unveiling of the harasser. Something that emerges as a paradoxical dilemma is perhaps the fact that the accused has been renowned all this time for his enlightening falsafay and supposed horizons of knowledge. Well, guess what? Not anymore. Junaid Akram, the Ganji Swag who has been known for his dissing and rant videos has now surfaced as another sexual harasser in our society.

This article is not aimed at proving the allegations against him, because honestly, there is already enough proof for it now. However, we’re definitely here to talk about the disgrace he has brought to the society. The level of ignorance this man has demonstrated is evident from the way he has kept the audience oblivious to all the accusations upon him. Instead of addressing and clearing out the allegations about the issue, perhaps the only thing under consideration for this man is his podcast show. Irony Irony! Aqal ki baatain with someone who has uncovered as a sexual harasser in the community? As evident as it seems, Junaid bhai, not talking about this issue just shows your inner desperate nature and cowardness.

First and foremost, Junaid Akram has broken that seal of trust that the Pakistani awam specifically the women might have had for him. The seal being , “Ke chalo koi to acha Banda ha”, “kaam hi baat aur kaam ki soch wala bhai”.” It hurts now, to conclude that “wohi acha Banda doosroun ki izzat uchalta phirta hai”. Junaid Akram’s condemnable acts regarding his interaction with the women has not only tarnished his own repute but also put up a big question mark over the authenticity of all the other influencers.

Keeping the entire harassment aside, it is almost comical how this man continues to threaten the women raising a voice against his acts. Matlab pehle chori, phir seena zori? Is this the liberty you talked about? Is this the freedom you preached about?
If this man had not been involved in all this, it is surprising why he has started blackmailing the harassed women .Matlab Gunnah bhi tum karo aur gunnah ki sazaa bhi aurat ke ooper hi? Ye kahan ka insaaf hai?
It is a sad dilemma, ladies and gentleman. Even if you raise your voice, you’re not taken seriously unless qanooni documentation nahi ho jati.
Matlab aaik aurat sab kuch chor kar aakhir apni awaaz Utah hi leti hai to in sab ke andar ke qanoondan jaag parte hain?

Among a long thread of accusations on this man, a women on twitter recently threw another chappal of shame on GanjiHarasser and reported,
“Not shocked at all. Went on three dates with him and on the third date he told me he’s going to get married tomorrow, I’ve never laughed so hard at the absurdity of this man. A complete weirdo.”
Harassing other women was one thing, but this talented man also managed to play with feelings of wife. Itna talent kesay ataa hai?
What else do you want Junaid Akram? What else do you have in the store of disgrace?
Despite all that has seriously plagued the character of Junaid, he has the audacity to call his “legal team” for the issue; if dhitaai had a face, we all know whose it would be.
Just for the sake of enlightening you Junaid Akram, morality comes before legality. The harassment was done by you and if miraculously, you do have a hint of morality left , then even you would know that your council presenting your stance is a futile effort. If despite all, he can still threaten the already oppressed women in this society, he must also have his defence ready to throw at the society: its the Ganji Harasser, you never know what to expect of him. Have some guilt and shame in your heart, “Junaid Bhai” , I am pretty sure this article must have hit you hard but again, just a reminder, you’ve always preached about raising one’s voice. “Aqal ismatal kero!”. Remember?

The solution
It all finally boils down to what to do with the swag of GanjiSwag?
As simple as it sounds, name and shame him. If he did not think twice while doing the acts for which he is accused of, then as sane and civilized citizens we must not have any space of sympathy for him, until and unless the victims themselves forgive him for his draconian acts.
All the brands must end their contracts with him and people need to start being indifferent to his comedy gigs the same way he has shown his back to the respect and dignity of a woman.
Lastly, we pledge our complete support to all the ladies who are voicing their experiences in exposing this man along with other  numerous Junaid Akrams that walk their heads high in our society today. Godspeed!

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