Wali Aleem - Yaadein
9Overall Score
Mixing and Mastering 8.7
Sound Selection10

21 year old up and coming music producer, Wali Aleem, released his first ‘Urdu EDM’ track, Yaadein on Friday the 28th of June. The track has been an amalgamation of various electronic, classical instruments and uplifting chord progressions, finally backed up by vocals sung by the producer himself.

‘Yaadein’ starts off with a melodic intro comprising of real world ambience (human voices and bird sounds) punctuated with a vocal synth melody and a subtle guitar slowly filtering out to the pre chorus. The vocals kick in with a heart felt composition of piano and strings later blended with a shiny filtered arp and rim shots.

The build is rather interesting with stereo-d claps and orchestral hits with a vocal chop slowly being introduced towards the drop. The first drop is more experimental compared to the second one, as there are chord hits complemented with the vocal chops and a jersey club kick pattern. Towards the second part, a guitar melody is integrated maintaining the temporal flow of this tremendous piece.

The breakdown is a nice, fresh escape of the drop with a Reese bass and a 4 on the floor kick pattern. The overall mix elaborating upon the same instrument composition as the initial pre chorus. A soft and brief pre build is witnessed with solely a piano and the intro vocal synths. The producer has artistically handed the listeners an aural refreshment before the hard second drop.

Led on by the same build up, the second drop is wider with saw synths taking over and arps and hi hats on the second part, more of a future bass take on the track. The outro is quite interesting with a phone call being heard that is never picked up and left on hang while being reverberated and filtered out to end the track.

Overall the track satisfies the listeners’ aural aesthetic appeal with it’s multi dimensional sound. It is definitely quite filled up making the mix weak, wide and bright and not being topped off by adequate loudness. However, the track possesses a sense of relatablity making its significant contribution to this fresh industry. The artist composed a promising sound, and with the summer break on the go, Wali aims to follow up with a line of releases after ‘Yaadein.’

4.5/5 (2)

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