Story Time,
I entered a very renowned beauty store with my ma, a lady with a very pleasant smile on her face approached us and started guiding about the products. Her accent had that Arabic touch in it, very soft yet full toned. 

Time passed and soon her talk with my mother ended. Considering her knowledge about the products I cleared my throat and asked her about any products suitable for my skin type. She closely examined it and said in a questionable manner, “Two things, first answer them.” 

She pointed towards the water bottle I was fidgeting with in my hand and said, “how much water do you drink son?” 

“Maybe this entire 500ml bottle in a week” 

And then she laughed and moved onto second thing, 

“Do you over think?” 

Before I could say anything, She added an answer to her question, 

“See you think a lot, a lot. Don’t do it. It makes you look old, you get wrinkles your skin dries out. 

Look at me I’m 51 and a grandmother.

Despite a bad past Ive kept myself alive” 

By this time, there was deafening silence.  Idk, right after this tears rolled down her eyes and she abruptly said, 

“I’m from Palestine and I didn’t see my family for 8 years, everything was changed when I saw them again. They turned my life upside down…I had lost everyone.” 

Everything ended on this point. Chills ran down my spine. We comforted her, that’s the least we could do. 

Alas, life works in weird manners. 

A Palestinian beauty advisor.

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