Jamshed got an American Visa- Story time, 

One fine morning in LongIsland,  I was sitting with a gentleman who I believed to be one of the finest accountant. We were  talking about airport security when suddenly he tapped on the table and said, “Oh! I just remembered ONE FUNNY INCIDENT regarding American Visa” 

I said, “HAHAHAH, go ahead uncle!” 

That’s when he narrated the story of his relative from Pakistan who  got a visa of USA, and every one celebrated it. 

“O Jamshed Da Visa lagya jayy” (Jamshed has gotten the Visa) 

All of these things pumped up Jamshed so much that he decided to visit America and breath  the American air. 

Jamshaid Sb booked a ticket and to show his love and the significance of the visa, he  bought a N.Y.P.D shirt stating it as “Amreeka ja raayen aan te fer kapre Wi oho jaye pao” 

Little did he know that NYPD stands for New York police department😂😂. 

So finally the day came and Jamshed wore the NYPD shirt to set off for the land of America 😂. After a long haul  of 14 hours, he landed at JFK Airport and Jamshed was taken away for special checking

😂😂😂😂😂 By this time he had totally lost his calm and said “What I do sir?” “What i do??” The rest is history. He spent 4 hours in special checking was detailed checked just because he was wearing NYPD shirt 😂😂😂”

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