So, the wait is almost over as there are just a few hours left in the very much anticipated  Apple Event 2019 which is scheduled to begin at 9 pm PST. People can watch it live at here. Tim Cook will be releasing the iPhone 11 and its variants at the event and much more. Including some software updates as well.

Like every year, this year too Pakistanis (Read: Rich Pakistanis) have their eyes upon the new iPhone and their hands in their pocket. Some would be going for pre-booking and others would wait to buy it as soon as it comes out in the market. But the dilemma is that this wait; this excitement accounts for nothing, practically. Because, Apple does not officially launches its products in Pakistan and the users, therefore have to source their products through third parties. These third parties to get a handsome cut from the purchase of the iPhone adapt various illegal immoral means, which includes replacing original components and accessories with fake ones.
As most iPhone users are considered “blind” they are easily played into buying an iPhone which doesn’t match the price he paid for it. Hence, leading to disappointment. So the excitement is killed most of the times.

Moreover, when the new iPhone will get on the market, the final price will include a massive 45% tax as an iPhone is considered a luxury item and the user will have to bear the tax burden as well.

After passing the first two phases, “jesay kesay bhi Kar ke” the third phase is to keep your iPhone safe and sound. If you are a resident of Karachi then it is strongly advised to not  roam around in the streets with phone bearing a glossy Apple logo in your hand. Because, sooner or later the “original” owners of the iPhone will come and take it away from you and this time you will not have the option to sell another kidney because last time you sold one to buy an iPhone X. Therefore to avoid “iPhone se 3310 ka safar” you’ve got to sacrifice the showoff, by keeping the phone at home not taking it to every place you got to, etc. But here comes the problem, why sacrifice the showoff for which you have spent lakhs. This again, seconding the point that its not completely worth it to buy an iPhone in Pakistan.
However, if you are in Lahore or Islamabad then it will not be a major issue to keep an iPhone safe, because everyone is either busy differencing between the meat of a donkey and goat or trying out new restaurants.

Then comes the real problem, which is the screen of your iPhone getting cracked while you were trying to flex it or any other unforeseen issue. Because as there is no official Apple store in Pakistan,  you’ll probably have to take it to the mobile market where the salesman will ask you to give him the phone for a day or two, as he has to order the screen or any other component. During these days you will not know what will happen to your iPhone, the delicate hardware design, the innovative build, and the Apple logo etched in an elite manner.
It is at the shopkeeper’s discretion whether he wants to repair it with original components for what he is charging you for or the fake ones so that he can get the rise in his fortunes.
This thing happens for real.
If you have had the chance to get your iPhone repaired from the local market one thing you must have noticed that after it’s been repaired it does not work in the same and you have to face issues every now and then, which becomes one big job to handle.

Furthermore, there are many apple services that you cannot use in Pakistan. Mainly Apple Music, Podcasts, and Apple News. So for a phone worth more than a thousand dollars you are not getting the full-fledged services.

P for Pakistan and P for Piracy. In my entire life, I have not seen a single Pakistani buying a song or a movie since the inception of the smartphone era.
They simply go up on the internet and write “XYZ song mp3 download” and swoosh there comes the song.
However, there is a certain percentage of people in Pakistan who cannot enjoy this freedom and that is the iPhone users. iOS doesn’t allow downloads from third party external websites therefore restricting the users from listening to the music for free.
And that is something Android users brag about, “iPhone mein ganay download Kar saktay ho.” 

*We are totally against piracy, and we believe everyone must be recognized for their hard work.*

Coming to the last and the least important issue that iPhone users face in Pakistan,  abiding by the commands of your friends and cousins to take their pictures because you have an iPhone. This action not only results in posing potential damage to your phone but also makes you to avoid doing the necessary showoff, which is truly not worth the amount you paid to buy the iPhone.

Whether to buy an iPhone or not despite all these hardships, it is entirely your decision because I know that iPhone users are very loyal to the brand “Apple” due to its brand image and exclusivity. However, for the past few years that brand loyalty has been diminishing.
Apple is competing in the rat race with its competitors in terms of releasing new iPhone every year and do all those things which the competitors are onto. As a result the quality of the products has deteriorated and the customer satisfaction lost.
While doing so, Apple seems to have forgotten its roots, which is not to be competitive but to be innovative, the very roots which gave Apple the plus point and made it one of the biggest companies in the recorded history.

Alas, that spirit has been lost, the fire to revolutionize the world has died out and who knows when will it be re-kindled. In the end, it is not the product which sells, it is the story.

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