In today’s society, the deep-set anathema towards law and its advocates has become a hardwired opinion. This has in fact raised questions as to whether being a lawyer is consistent with an ethical life at all? However, Barrister Ahsan Pirzada’s understanding of law and current societal conditions truly compels us to rethink our perceptions as a whole.

Having graduated with a First Class Hons degree in Law from University of Hertfordshire and a Master’s degree from University College London, Mr. Ahsan carries a vast exposure of litigation and transactional work nationally and internationally, and he currently heads the Islamabad-based legal firm “Jamal & Jamal Advocates & Legal Consultants”.

In a deeply charged conversation with him, we delved into the reality of our systems of law and how pioneers like Mr. Ahsan are determined to play their part in bringing the needed revolution.

Being a lawyer himself, Mr. Ahsan recognizes the loopholes in our system-

Our system is broken. We need to learn how to exercise our democratic rights; there needs to be a balance”. Having closely witnessed the English legal frameworks as well, he aims to deal with the obstacles that continue to place strains on our Pakistani system.

Perhaps this very thing served as the propelling force for Mr. Ahsan to embark upon initiating the project- “Aiding the Law”. In recent times, there have been ten thousand cases of gender violence crimes reported in Punjab alone. Through his well-devised project plan, he wishes to create an organization that offers helpline support with lawyers being available a call away. In a broader view, the institution aims at providing quality service to people who cannot afford it- specifically victims of gender violence.

It is almost ironic how in our ever modernizing world, justice has become increasingly inaccessible to those who need it the most. Mr. Ahsan put forth an interesting prompt here, “how can you reduce domestic violence until and unless you have proper mechanisms through which you are assisting the victim in their legal battle?”

This very question rather elaborates upon the actual ideology behind the initiative- ‘Aiding the Law’. The mission being to widen the ambit of access to justice for such victims.

In words of practicality, the organization addresses the acute need to engage a number of well-trained and supported lawyers, supervise the cases on behalf of the victims and also prioritize cases according to the severity.

Having sought inspiration from international legal practices, Mr. Ahsan also plans to establish report centers in an attempt to bring about more awareness in the society and also convince people to be a part of this initiative. He mentioned, “the objective is to ensure that our organizational entity is developed, flourishing and actualizing its purpose”.

Something he spoke that really hit us home was “We only get one life. Living it for your own self is pretty useless. Live it for others”.

Having witnessed our legal system from all ends, Mr. Ahsan’s personal ideology regarding this initiative, in fact, materializes the statement ‘Live for others’. The organization is set to be operational by the start of September and we wish him the best of luck in this altruistic journey of establishing an independent entity of its own- by the people, for the people.




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