We have all heard Monica Geller on the 90’s TV show ‘Friends’ utter in a manic and ambivalent tone, “Welcome to the real world! It sucks (you’re gonna love it!)”. This pretty much sums up the transition into our teenage years from the oblivious and undulated plains of childhood.  It is one hell of a turbulent and unpredictable ride but I assure you, you are not entirely alone. There are about million others accompanying you in your chamber of morbid misery! 

    !ہيں ہزاروں دیوانے جیسے تم میں شہر اس

Isn’t collective confusion of human race something worth celebrating?

Jokes aside, it is not all gloom and doom. Sure you are going to encounter occasional bumps in the roads and stumble quite a lot, but there will always always be avenues worth looking forward to. Just a little warning, these are tender years and you are still as fragile as a half cracked golden yolk egg in this wild youth club so better be cautious!

One pivotal joy that youth undeniably promises is that of running into life-changing and consequential human beings. Ever met someone and wondered “Where HAVE you been all my life?!” Well, it is this exact feeling of homecoming we’re talking about here but these occurrences happen to be quite rare. These souls are going to be the human equivalent of miracles and you are a fool if you make the error of taking them for granted. You are urged to never ever let them go and to tuck them inside your pocket if you have to (no but seriously, don’t do that!). It is not always that life hands you finely cut diamonds. There will be days when you accidently cut yourself from desperately searching for gems in shallow rocks. Hypocrisy and bullying are going to be everyday guests at this inn, the kind that sit around and refuse to take their leave. You better not allow these despicable El Diablos to walk all over you or distort your sense of self. Remember, your worth is not defined by apathetic and shallow people. They are only temporary guests. Do not desist from handing them their goodbye coupons!

The tedious years of youth serve to pave the road to your future. Sure it seems quite foggy and ambiguous at the moment but don’t worry, the fog will lift and your vision will clear eventually! Jack Gilbert once said, “We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.” Make this your mantra when youth seems to strangle you with its audacities. 

Remember, it is okay to mess up your academics because of your mental health but it is not okay to mess up your mental health because of grades/ academics. Do not waste away the best years of your life in the pursuit of grades which will only give you a brief sense of validation. Attempt to dwell deeper and recognize what really matters (hint: it’s you!)

Love is in the air!

Or is it…?

Just a little warning here, you may run into several humans through the course of your teenage years who would appear to be your romantic soul mates. Just as Chloe Grace Moretz said, “Just because someone likes the same bizzaro crap you do doesn’t make them your soul mate.” This is essentially infatuation and a grave delusion we are bound to fall prey to because of our delicate emotions and sensibilities. Do not invest yourself so selflessly in another soul that you ultimately lose sight of who you are. If you can, find someone you are comfortable with and who fiercely motivates you to attain all your goals. Otherwise, love is a mere figment of illusion projected by our hyperbolic media. There is so much more to life, we promise you.

Parental pressure? Worry not, my friend, what you are experiencing has been faced by your mighty clan before you. Remember, your parents are delicate humans too and it is pretty natural of them to affiliate expectations with you. Be patient with them and make them understand yourself. Remember, there’s not a problem in the world that does not come with a solution!

Youth zooms past us before we know it and soon the grey ash of age falls upon our heads. Please do not take this time for granted. Indulge recklessly in the little pleasures life offers. Because God knows, it is waiting for you with arms held wide open! One day you will turn eighty and all your teeth will probably fall off but I’m sure you’ll have innumerable stories from your youth to tell by firesides and campsites! 


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