If you are in your teenage or early twenties, I can assure you that you must have seen a yoyo or have heard about Blazing Teens back in grades 2,3,4 and 5 in Pakistan. Those were the days, simple yet very exciting. 

YoYo became a popular toy in Pakistan way back in 2008, nearly every school-going child had a yoyo in his hand to play with. 

Back in those days in schools, usually the topic under discussion used to be was of YoYos or Blazing Teens. Therefore, schools had to adopt a very strict no-tolerance policy upon bringing a yoyo to school. Still, students managed to sneak them in one way or the other. The excitement of flexing a “limited edition” yoyo in front of your school mates was uncanny and that flex was considered very elite. So during “Chutti Time” when that boy with an exclusive “As seen on TV yoyo” used to take out his Yoyo the school would gather around him and often a person would hear sentences like, 

“Dekh lein Moazzam mein bhi kal iss say acha wala yoyo laoun gha.” Sentences like these never turned into reality because whenever that child used to ask his mother for a yoyo the most common reply he often heard was, 

“اک تے اے یویو ساڈے پیچھے پے گیا اے”

And with this sizzling reply the chances to get a premium yoyo used to evaporate. And the same routine with that jerky “50 Rupay wala yoyo” continued. A yoyo which would bounce and hit you in the face upon its release. 

Blazing Teens, very popular YoYo related Anime, were not limited to T.V Screens only, in fact, children of that time used to copy them in real life. This action was done by organizing YoYo Championships, which took place after school or on weekends. Most of the time, these championships included teams from rival Mohallas (Small Towns) and the prize used to be a YoYo or anything from the available collection. A different environment and heart-racing moment it used to be and the only time these championships ended was when an uncle from the houses nearby would shout, 

“O bus wi karo jaan chaddo hun, muft da rola”

Seriously, if I look back now Yoyo had definitely taken over the major cities of Pakistan, at the optimum point of the YoYo era, there were many varieties of YoYo ranging from 50Rs to 1000Rs. The most favorite ones were from the Blazing Teens and they were also from the most expensive club. 

I do not know if playing with a YoYo was a healthy activity or not but it was the best one of its time. 

Alas, between playing with the YoYo and listening to YoYo we all grew up. Golden time it was


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