The hands of the clock are pointing at  4 pm. You have just woken up from a nap, your heartbeat is fast and there is a buzzing in your brain which will take a few minutes to settle down. You quietly make your way towards the T.V lounge and settle your self on the sofa. After gazing at the clock you turn on the ‘Box’ like television set.  Your mother has just brought you something to eat for snacks. Life is really simple and straight. This is the true depiction of the Cartoon Network Toonami days.

Toonami was a television programming block, which consisted of several anime and was aired on Cartoon Network between 4-6 Pm  Pakistani Standard Time. It consisted of animes such as Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and Beyblade. All three of these anime series ranking among the top 3 in the anime list of the children of that era.  The Toonami session always started with a distinct jingle and it kept the children glued to the TV screens. Because the next day in school the episodes of anime aired in Toonami used to be the hot topic of discussion.  And the conversation used to go like,

‘Yar tumhein pata hai Goku Majin Buu ko kame hame ha kar kay mar deta hai!’

‘Nahien yaar spirit bomb se maarta hai menay khud apni ankhoun se dekha hai.’

Intense debates like these used to end up in a physical fight because loyalty with fictional characters always surpassed the loyalty with real-life friends at that time. Then these fights used to stop upon the punishment by the teacher. And all the fire and urge to debate over a single episode used to die out when the other classmates started to pass weird glances.

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Coming back to you, the clock has struck 6 pm now. You have no idea how the time passed so quickly. Toonami is over.  You are lazy and want to remain seated on the couch but deep inside you know that in very few moments a voice will strike through your eardrums stating,

‘Cartoon khatam ho Gaye Hain to ab homework Karlo.’

A voice that you love but a command that you hate. You now know that you have a lot of homework to do. Thinking about the angry face of your teacher is stressing you out.  Your eyes, once gleaming now look as if they are devoid of emotions. After few minutes you turn off the TV and move towards your school bag.  That is how life indirectly taught you a lesson that everything shall come to an end, an example is of Toonami which has been abandoned by cartoon network due to low ratings. End of an era!

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