It all started back in May 2019. When I needed help with an application of a ‘socially responsible project’ I was working on. Like any rookie in the field, I approached a Pakistani Freelancer ‘Mobile Application Developer’ through an online platform. I told him about the project and he instantly agreed to take it up quoting, ‘Jee, bohat unique idea hai’ this is what all the rotten fishes in a pond do, just talk and no walk. And assured me everything will be done in the best way possible.
When I asked him again are you sure that you will be able to do it? He replied again,

‘Be-fikar ho jayein jesa ap kahein ghay wesi application hi banay ghi’

The application was to be released on both iOS and Android within a time-frame of 1 month, the point both the parties agreed upon.  And the payment was to be given in portions i.e after the completion of   15% work 15,000PKR and so on up to 70,000PKR. Which later increased to 95,000PKR.

After initiating the work the black-sheep performed really well up to the mark in the first two weeks. I guess, he was just trying to build up trust so that he could get the money as soon as possible. And my intuition proved to be true. After getting hold of the substantial amount of money which equaled to 50,000PKR he started making delays and missing deadlines. To his good luck, I got caught up in really important work for a month out of the country so I was unable to keep an active track of the project. Whenever I inquired about the project he always used to make numerous excuses.
Nonetheless, after 3 months that was the end of July, the black-sheep was able to develop the application.

I think it was such a puke worthy application that even I did not like to use it. At first, the application did not work at all and kept on crashing on multiple devices. Upon asking him about this he had the audacity to say, ‘Mobile ka masla hogha, wo change karlo’  I mean I did not spend 70,000PKR   for an application which is not working at all and looks like trash. The application was so shoddy that even after a month of debugging it never worked up to the mark and kept on crashing. Kudos to my gem like friends who with every bit of patience kept on testing the application. Because they knew and know the sensitivity of the matter the application deals with. Which is mental health.

Anyway, after a complete failure of trying to make the application work for a month, the black-sheep sent a message,

‘We can improve the application and its design for 25,000PKR more’

You know, in Pakistan, when a person is being exploited, freelancer (s) like this guy do not leave a single stone unturned to exploit him even more, to extract the juice out of him, and to suck out the remaining drops of blood. And that is what this black sheep did.
Even though I provided him the designs for the UI of the application this time, the black sheep of the freelancer’s herd still messed it up. And at this point, I was sure that I have been scammed for a total of 95,000PKR.

The hard-earned 95,000PKR for which I had to sell my belongings and work overtime so that I could raise this much amount of money and bring this idea to life with the sole purpose to help the people in our society.

To my surprise, the fraud even used the server of his university without my knowledge. Due to this, the application does not respond most of the time. 

All of his fraud was unfolded in front of me when I got 2-3 other developers on board to check the source code and database management of the application. I was torn down in pieces when they unanimously agreed that the code is so messed up that they themselves cannot figure out what to do. The fraud freelancer could have used Google Firebase but instead used his own university’s server to save money for himself.

I believe this freelancer not only scammed me but also  scammed all those people for whom I was working on this idea. He not only wasted the money but the time as well. Finally, after mustering up the courage I dropped him a message explicitly stating
that ‘If you are unable to do this tell me in a straightforward manner and do not try to play now. Because already a lot of time has been wasted. And if you continue to be dodgy then you will force me to knock at the door of the court and go through a proper legal channel.’

After this message the tone of this freelancer literally changed, he hurled a few abuses in his voice notes towards me and then  finally sent a message, ‘Hum Nauker Nahi Hain Tumharay, Jo karna hai Kar lay’   His message was not only a slap at the legal system of this country, where a fraud can easily threaten the courts and get away with the money fraudulently earned, but it was also a slap at the hard work of other freelancers who literally spend countless hours in front of the computer screen to satisfy their clients.

This fraud is still out there, probably looting another client and destroying another idea just for his short term gains.

‘Afsos is baat ka nahi hai ke ye be-ghairat insaan dhoka de kar paisay lootnay mein kamyab ho gaya, afsos is baat hai ke is Islami muashray mein is Insaan aur is jesay aur insaanoun ko roknay ke liye ko nahi hai.’

It has been 7 months; I have lost my money but I am still fighting to turn the idea into reality. I have just written this out to actually let the public know about the dark side of this industry. We urge others to do business in Pakistan. Do you really think with this kind of attitude anyone would be willing to invest even a single penny? Because after this horrendous experience I do not think I will ever be able to trust a Pakistani Freelancer. This black sheep is not only a disgrace to the word freelancer but is also a disgrace to the principles upon which the name of Pakistan stands, ‘Unity, faith, discipline.’

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