We are not destined to do something great it is okay if we don’t do so even after our best efforts.
The problem creeps in when we feel as if our time is being sucked in even after chasing not-so-glorious goals. Therefore, we end up ruining our mental health

This generation is troubled because it wants to pursue the dreams but in reality, it is stuck within an ordinary framework. We need to slow down. It’s okay to sleep in some days, as long as you think why you slept in. It is good to walk to the class at times. It is healthy to spend time alone. It’s good to change career if you don’t feel like it’s right for you.

All we want right now is a balance. The balance between taking genuine feedback and not caring what other people have to say. The balance between execution and thoughtful planning. It’s okay to slow down and breathe a bit when you’re at the crossroads of life.

Try not thinking about life when you’re about to go to sleep and you’ll also avoid the unneeded crisis that accompanies this type of thinking. Evaluation of life requires solitude and it’s not easy to find nowadays. Try going to your favorite hangout spot alone, where no one knows you. You can think, and you should, otherwise, you and the entire human race fail to be distinguished from animals.

It is almost funny to note how we crave to be unique and yet don’t exactly wish to stand out. The next time you feel as if life is drifting away, slow down. Think if you’re heading where you want to.

If you want to take a turn or two,  take them for the safety of your mental health.

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