I’ve often found myself opposing most if not all societal constructs and general public opinions for a number of reasons and on an alarming number of levels. Some matters are easier to forego while others too malevolent to overlook, some matters demand more attention than others. Having said that, one such matter that is vastly misunderstood and requires probing is the rampant child abuse that occurs consistently and frequently within the “safe” boundaries of extremely poised households, households that march for justice, households that are “open minded”. Child abuse studs the state, left, right and center, every nook and cranny, every next turn wombs a predator, and the prey: innocent, vulnerable children. There are many platforms that protest against the existence of this heinous reality, but almost none that truly understand the process of its creation. Here I’d like to mention an overly used phrase with little to no evidence backing it: “Naujawaan nasal ne mulk ka beragharak kar dia hai”. This phrase is thrown around more regularly than one might want to believe, this phrase is also used to pinpoint the ever  increasing consumption of pornography and a shocking interest in voyeurism. Now lets take a look at whether this phrase holds any reality or is it the other way around, is it the country that destroyed the youth?

The vast majority of sexual abuse stems from within joint family structures.

Numerous cases of 2-4 day old girls being molested by their uncle’s have been reported time and time again. Ill and negligent treatment by parents in the psychosexual stages including forced anal-retention and anal-expulsion lead to issues in adolescence and adult life.

Upon hitting puberty it is extremely natural to experience what most may deem “impure” desires, sheathing a natural instinct in the robes of shame does more bad than good, if parents were even the least bit concerned about their children they would talk to them about the changes they’re experiencing and ways to deal with them, but this in itself seems impossible as these parents themselves at some point have been victims of this vicious cycle that shuns any mention of sexual themes. It is also ironic given the ever rising population and the ever steeping cases of molestation, a country where sex is looked down upon publically, it seems to be quite the fad behind closed doors.

Most children are subjected to sexual abuse by family, by teachers, by house help etc. at an extremely young age.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re psychologically and emotionally unbalanced and therefore partake in lewd activities. They are abused, silenced and mocked—at a time where they need protection and empathy, it is not unexpected that they turn out to be frustrated, agitated individuals, they never get a chance to speak and then eventually to deal with the effects induced by those traumatic experiences they are led astray.

Joint family structures, where one room is subjected to parents and children both, the children are exposed to their parents engrossed in sexual activity while they think the child is asleep.

A society where newly wed couples are suggested to watch pornographic films to “set the mood”, the humble advisors often being close relatives, it should not come as a surprise that children stumble upon equally promiscuous mediums, what comes as a shock is the disgust with which the younged ones are discussed for being curious.

All the weight of discord in society is often shifted on to children, the same children who’re raped by their Madrassa teachers, daughters raped by their fathers while the mothers are spectators and all things vile which we collectively turn a blind eye to.

30-60 year olds who have lived a life of marriage and birthed numerous offsprings tend to have more untamed perversive sexual desires that are exercised on innocent children.

Though child abuse is an umbrella term for numerous malfeasances of its kind and is rooted in the very foundation of the post-modern society, this remains its most actively ignored and vastly spread facet.

So, what is the driving force behind these acts? Is it nothing but a power dynamic, a primitive force feeding the ego to control the weak, the tender and the powerless.

We have a long way to go before this puzzle is solved.

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